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Being Alone During The Holidays

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Being Alone During The Holidays

Photo Credit: Plus Model, Rene Couret, Photographer: Sita Mae

Photo Credit: Plus Model, Rene Couret, Photographer: Sita Mae

The holidays are here once again and the festivities will bring on wonderful times and memories.  To everyone else it seems but YOU.  A sudden break up and this can send your world spinning in a hurricane of pain and self doubt, not to mention a possible depression.  It does not matter at this point if you left him or he dumped you.  Bottom line you are alone and feeling like nothing can be right again.

You meet that wonderful guy and he becomes your entire world.  Your family finally approves and you include him in all of your plans, especially Christmas and New Year’s,  only to find yourself alone and confused a few weeks before the celebrations.

How did this happen?  Why did this happen to me when I was so happy?  These are questions that will dance around in your head for hours, weeks and months.  Yet the answer is one that you may never find.

Ending a relationship is one of the most difficult experiences we can ever feel and live through.  But somehow when it happens around the holidays, it’s the pits! This level of pain is intense and the loneliness can be overwhelming…  What will you do with that expensive gift you got for him that you had been hiding in the closet?  Who will you bring to the Christmas party your boss is hosting at that beautiful loft?

You need to take a time out for YOURSELF.  It can be a day or a week.  You have to learn to live with this emotional conflict and move forward.  I know this will sound ‘tacky’ but everything happens for a reason.  Right now there is no way you are going to understand it.  But there will come a day that you will know this ‘had’ to happen for you to either grow or be in a better place, with a more suitable companion by your side.

Take this time to enjoy your friends and family.  Don’t be shy and keep yourself locked in.  Share your grief with someone that does care and loves you unconditionally. Please don’t feel that crying and feeling down is not ALLOWED.  If you must, then let it out, and then get right back on that ‘Healing’ track.

It’s not too late to enjoy the holidays.  You have waited all year for this.  Keep up your spirits, even if you have to write up on a sticky note ‘Smile’ to remind yourself.  Do it.

Reflect on all that has occurred and use this as a weapon.  Go out and buy that ‘sexy’ dress you were planning on getting.  Spoil yourself with a new look, a new ‘COACH’ bag or whatever it is that tickles your fancy.

The best gift you can give yourself this coming Christmas is the gift of a second chance.  I want to see you looking your best, with a killer smile and may your laughter be the heard all around.

You never know.  You just might be some lucky guys Christmas wish come true.

For the New Year I wish you a positive attitude and remain true to you, and all that you stand for.  When the ball drops in Time Square make your New Year’s Resolution.  Stick with it and may many blessings come your way.

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