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Get Ahead This Month: Preparing for the Upcoming Holidays Part 2

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Get Ahead This Month: Preparing for the Upcoming Holidays Part 2

chrostmas-dec08Finding the ‘perfect’ sitter for the holidays

December is such a busy month for childcare providers and baby-sitters.  There are so many company parties, festivities and family dinners for ‘adults’ only that this leaves us with agonizing reality of trusting a stranger to watch our children.

All you need to do is your homework and the proper detail research to find this sitter.  It is not a hard task but a very important one.  Word of mouth I believe is the best way to find a caring and responsible baby-sitter.  You can find them in your local church, during your book of the month club meetings and let’s not tune out the possibility of a very mature high school student.  My all time favorite are ‘Stay-at-home’ moms. They have the patience and ‘know how’ that you want your child provided with.  Last but not least they are so affordable.  They can charge any where from $7.00 to $12.00 an hour.

Talk to your friends and ask around.  Everyone family and friend knows that one person that every child gets along with and loves to watch children.

Do not wait until the week of to book this sitter.  Look at your calendar today and start your baby-sitting planning early.  If you find someone whom you don’t know, definitely go for the background check!  They cost as low as $10.00 at some websites.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Out with the old in with the NEW

I love Spring-cleaning so much that I do it twice a year in, spring of course and in December.  I am a firm believer that we need to get rid of things that we don’t need or use in our lives and homes to make room for the things that we do need and benefit from.

I want to welcome the ‘New Year’ with less clutter and I start doing a room at a time.  It’s not really time consuming, which is a major concern with Christmas being such a huge holiday.  Between the gift shopping, decorating our homes to make them belong in a Christmas Decorating magazine, to planning our dinner on Christmas Eve (that is the time we celebrate, it’s a Spanish thing). There is a LOT to do!

You know you are going to be getting gifts from family and friends.  So you will need to make some room for those new items heading your way.  I know I have things that I say I am going to get rid of… things that are old or broken that I place it in the basement and then totally forget about it.  I then go to my basement to take out my Christmas decorations and I find myself in a room of things that were to suppose to be GONE a long time ago.

It has happened to me so much I decided to do a December cleansing for my home.  I get the entire family involved and this makes the process so much easier.  We do it the first week of the month so this gives us three entire weeks to enjoy the remaining days of 2008.

Ladies, go around your home, take a nice and slow walk and see if you find those ‘clutter’ items that stopped working ages ago.  Get rid of it!!!!!

I hope everyone gets what they asked ‘Santa’ for. Merry Christmas to all of my beautiful Venus Divas and your families.

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