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5 Ways To Tell If You’re The ‘Mistress’

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5 Ways To Tell If You’re The ‘Mistress’

youramistressIt’s hard to turn on the television without hearing new developments in the Tiger Woods fiasco but am I surprised?  Not at all! I’m not surprised that Tiger had an affair nor am I surprised that we’re obsessed with the details.  You’re in luck, I’m not going to focus on the Tiger Wood situation- at least not directly.
While reading 1 of thousands of articles about the Golf superstar, I saw an article that stated his mistress was upset that there were other women.  Even if that were true, does a mistress have the right to be upset?

You knowingly had an affair with a married man. While she says she didn’t know about the affair, I don’t believe her.  He’s TIGER WOODS- who doesn’t know that he’s married.

I find it quite disturbing and extremely irritating that a woman… the mistress, had the nerve to get jealous.  If you’re jealous of anyone try being jealous of the wife.  She has his child, shares a home with him and can be seen in public with him but most importantly she’s his wife.  Because I’m an advocate for women- all women, I’ve come up with a list of clues to let you know if you’re the other woman.

1)  He never talks to you at night. If the only conversations you have are during the day when he’s at work or away from home, he may have someone sleeping next to him every night.

2)  You have never been to his house. If you can be intimate with one another, then you should be able to go to his house sometime.  If every rendezvous you share is at your house or a hotel room, start asking questions.

3)  You have never met his family. Depending on how serious the two of you are, meeting his family should be a step in the direction of solidifying your relationship- especially if they live in the same town as you.

4)  You don’t go on public dates. When I say public dates I mean dates that people can see you together.  If the only dates he takes you on is to the Motel 6 then he may be avoiding public dates for a reason.

5)  He’s wearing a wedding ring. This is probably the easiest way to tell if you’ve snagged a dude that is spoken for.  Look at his wedding finger.  I don’t know a man who will wear a wedding ring just because, so if he lies about the ring, he’s lying to you.

Instead of being critical of celebrities mess ups, I prefer to learn from them and I hope this list comes in handy for you.

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