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Plus Size Discrimination: Are You Guilty?

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Plus Size Discrimination: Are You Guilty?

bathroom-scaleI’m starting to notice a trend throughout the plus size community, something that is a bit odd and upon asking others, they notice too.

First, let’s back it up. I am a size 16, at times 18. With size 14s, I am in the lower sizes of plus. In the industry, size 14 and up are considered “plus size”. It’s not how much more obese you are than someone else; it’s just your measurements. In the end, we’re all overweight, and thusly, fat. We’ve all come to accept this and roll with it. Or so we tell ourselves.

However, where one might say slim people look on a size 16 as being too fat, I see that a lot of larger plus size women think a size 16 is too skinny to be considered plus. {Read More}

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