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The Do’s & Dont’s of Plus Maternity Shopping


The Do’s & Dont’s of Plus Maternity Shopping

plus size pregnancyI know that finding plus size maternity clothing can be rather difficult at times, but believe it or not, there are options for plus size maternity clothing and if you use these options, shopping during your pregnancy can be easy.

Don’t: Shop at regular retailers.
It gives me hives to hear other expecting plus size women talk of shopping at our regular retailers and just going up a size or two. That is a big no-no.

Maternity clothing is specifically made to shape and contour your body during this beautiful time. Going up a size or two increases your clothing measurements all the way around. So you are actually making yourself look larger than what you are. Folks may not tell you how sloppy it can look but believe me they notice. Majority of your weight gain during pregnancy is in your stomach area. For a couple of weeks now I have actually had to purchase maternity clothing because my clothes – pants in particular – no longer fit comfortably enough for me to button. Plus maternity does translate to what your pre-pregnancy size was. For example before becoming pregnant I was fitting into 16-18 so many maternity stores or stores that carry maternity clothing I’ve been able to fit XL or XXL.

Do: Shop online. I know we hate to, but there is definitely a larger selection available online. Stores like Old Navy have online exclusives. Motherhood Maternity also has a large online selection. I found a cute store online called Kiki’s Fashions .  Some women on the pregnancy sites I belong to have even suggested Ebay and Craigslist. Walmart sells maternity but only online – they have stopped carrying it in their stores.

Do: Shop stores in your area. Old Navy carries some plus maternity in their store. The selection varies. JC Penney,  Motherhood Maternity, Gap, Target and Ross all carry maternity clothing in our sizes also.

I’ve personally bought from Ross, Old Navy and Destination Maternity which carries Motherhood Maternity plus sizes. I found Ross to only go up to 2X and they ran small for me. Old Navy also goes up to 2X but they are cut large so I was able to fit the XL. Motherhood Maternity plus was heaven for me. They run large as well, the selection was the largest I had seen in all the stores I had been to. I had been in an actual Motherhood Maternity and the selection was small, when I went to Desitination Maternity their selection was larger. They carry bras, belly bands, panties, and actually shirts, pants, skirts and outerwear. The pricing was great. They had stuff onsale and on clearance. The style of clothing was nice. Nothing frumpy or older looking. For those working in professional environments, you’ll definitely find something to wear here.

Do: Utilize the belly band or maternity band. This is the best invention for pregnant women since sliced bread. It’s a stretchy band that goes over your unbuttoned or unzipped pants and it holds them up. This allows you to continue to wear your pants during your entire pregnancy. It stretches as you grow. I just bought one from Destination maternity for $16, it’s the plus size version. Other stores carry the band but it is not made for plus sizes. You may be able to find it in white or black and many women make it look like an extra shirt that’s hanging down – so it gives a layered look. It’s ultra comfortable. This not only saves you money for anyone who is concerned with the idea of  buying a new wardrobe. This especially helps because you do not wear maternity clothes your entire pregnancy.

Well ladies, I know our options are limited but we do have options. Happy shopping and happy maternity. I want you to continue to thrive in your curves even while pregnant.

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