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Reality Check – The “Perfect” Woman

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Reality Check – The “Perfect” Woman

perfectwomanIn a world in which women are being made to feel as if they must conform to unrealistic standards of beauty, I find that it is crucial for those who are in the limelight to celebrate all women of all sizes and every beautiful shape.  Unfortunately not everyone feels this way.  Women and young girls are constantly having to look up to this “ideal” of what a woman should look like whether in magazines, movies, video games  and even toys.  Not only are skinny models being told that they are “too fat” and Barbie dolls being redesigned because they have “cankles” but now images of beautiful women are being photoshopped to the extreme.  Photoshop is not just being used to polish pictures, like removing stray hairs, blemishes and some wrinkles but now it is being used to create a totally different being altogether; one that has no wrinkles, no pores and  is frighteningly skinny with a big head and anorexic frame; one that is being looked at as “PERFECT”.

The reality is that if we are to live up to these false standards of perfection, then no one is perfect and trying to get that way will never make us perfect, instead will make us feel broken.  You have to love yourself for who you are.  You have to have a healthy mind and body image first of all or no matter what efforts you make to lose weight or better yourself in any way will not matter because you will never be satisfied.  The word waif which described neglected children, uncommonly thin became the popular connotations of “fashionable, small, slender woman” this began 1991 with application to childishly slim supermodels such as Kate Moss. As a supermodel and style icon Kate Moss must know that her fans are following her every move and taking her comments to heart, unfortunately her motto recently shared in an interview with WWD:  “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, is the slogan of choice featured on many pro-anorexia websites. 

There is nothing wrong with being skinny but we must put this in its proper perspective.  If you are starving yourself or making yourself vomit after meals then you have a problem and need to seek the help of a professional because no  matter what you will never feel good.  The same holds true for the curvy.  There is nothing wrong with being full figured but if you are constantly over eating and being a glutton, then seeking the advice of a professional is also needed because we need to address the underlying issues that are triggering these behaviors.  We must begin to take care of ourselves, spiritually, mentally and physically; it is an everyday process but true beauty begins on the inside.  The weights in which our society puts on us as women are set in motion to trap us and keep us inside of a box but it is time to break out of that box and it starts first with a changed mind and a healthy attitude about YOU.  If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to begin to build healthy relationships and learn to express your emotions freely, so let’s start talking, building, praying exercising, supporting, loving and encouraging each other more and really make a difference because not only is it time for us to see a change, our youth needs this more than anything.

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