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Meet TRUE Diva: Tonya Wells-Abari

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Meet TRUE Diva: Tonya Wells-Abari


All qualities of a TRUE DIVA

With the highest esteem, I confirm with strength and confidence that I am a true DIVA—and very proud of it, might I add. Being a DIVA bears enormous responsibility. Not only are DIVAs responsible for internalizing self-confidence, but they are charged with sharing this trait with the rest of the world. Many years ago, I made a conscious decision to share my self-confidence, through inspiring young people to love themselves, no matter what they look like or where they come from. On a day-to-day basis, I foster self-love by repeating, “I am somebody special!” into my extraordinary true DIVA mirror. This helps me to affirm my talent, beauty, and intelligence—even when the rest of the world refuses to accept it. As a classroom teacher and mentor, this is also a slogan that I’ve passed along to all of my students. In a non-braggadocious manner, I have no problems telling the world that I am in love with myself—I adore every inch and curve. Most importantly, I’ve learned to embrace my—well, what the rest of society may refer to as– “flaws.”

By day, I am a writer, editor, educator, public speaker, and aspiring plus model (yes, DIVA’s have many talents). By night, I am a wife, daughter, aunt, sister, friend, and mentor. I am committed to infecting others with optimism. People have told me that my words move mountains and that my smile can brighten up an entire room. These are gifts that I am truly blessed to have. With all the qualities mentioned above (and more), I am proud to wear, and share, the crown of TRUE-DIVANESS.

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