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Get Ahead This Month: Preparing for the Upcoming Holidays: Part 1

Food and Dining

Get Ahead This Month: Preparing for the Upcoming Holidays: Part 1

thanksgivingwreathThanksgiving Dinner

I know by experience that every year I try to ‘wow’ my guests at our ‘Thanksgiving dinner’. I like to keep the traditional plates like mashed potatoes with bits of bacon, Spanish yellow rice and Colombian arepas… I also like to try something new. I don’t want to try something new the ‘day’ of Thanksgiving. I give myself some time to prep that meal and make it to perfection. I usually make the meal 2- 3 times to get just the right flavor. My family loves this time of the year. They taste test my meals galore and loving every minute of it.

I get recipes from friends and also check out many forums and blogs on cooking. It’s amazing the talented cooks we have spread around the globe. This is one blog site that is fab, Kalyn’s Kitchen –… so my Venus Divas let’s get ready to have the best dinner yet, and get cooking………….

Don’t get caught in that old dress!!!!!!!

The holidays come once a year and we all go through so much to have our nails done, our hair looking great and finally the ‘Perfect’ dress. I am not sure if ‘straight’ size women have a hard time finding the right dress, but as for this big girl, the answer to that is a resounding ‘Yes’. I have too little over here and too much over there and that makes my search not the easiest task. I decided this year to beat the ‘drama’ I put myself through every year in search of my three ‘Perfect’ dresses. I have one for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. There are so many sales going on now, I take advantage of this. I am not waiting for the week of the holiday to find a dress my size. I will never find it.

Ladies, start searching now for your beautiful dress or outfit. Let’s not leave something so important for the last minute. I wear a size 22 at times 24. I find an IGIGI gown priceless. I feel as though the designer came to my house, took my measurements and created a dream dress, just for me. But don’t take my word for it, go and check them out, all it takes is one dress and you will be hooked, I also find that Macy’s stores have a very nice selection as well.

Start your Christmas list, NOW.

Now is the time to get a small notebook or even your organizer and start making your Christmas card list. Contact friends and get the right address and contact information for them. Not to mention spelling the names correctly. It’s also a good time to place your order for personal Christmas cards. I like ordering those and putting a family picture with all of our names on it. They are not pricey at all. I paid less than $12.00 for 30 of them last year.

Now as far as your Christmas shopping list, try and get one gift per week if you have a large family like mine. I don’t drive myself crazy with a big list and attempt to buy them all in one shot. That is just not happening. If you are busy and don’t have the time, online shopping is great for this and most of these online stores have free shipping charges if you purchase a certain amount. One of my favorite spots to buy in is They have just about every thing you can want and its good quality items for less.

To my Venus Divas Community let’s get an early start and make the holidays a lot more fun and relaxing. I wish you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. Don’t forget take plenty of pictures so we can see them on the threads.

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