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Gearing up to Get Involved in November!


Gearing up to Get Involved in November!

volunteerMore and more each month you hear about the latest campaign supporting a local or national charity or cause. Granted not all of them are for a cause that is life threatening, some national campaigns are created for an opportunity to have open dialogue about their plight. There are other that your support can really help someone in need. Whether it be monetarily or by deed, it is so rewarding for the person or group that is the recipient of your generosity and it is also rewarding in the feeling that you get in giving to others.

True philanthropy is usually generated by finding causes that you feel passionate about. October experienced an unprecedented support for breast cancer research. It was really amazing to see football players and sports commentators supporting the cause, making it cool to wear pink. It is easy to take up the cause with the most media exposure and celebrity, but what about other causes out there that don’t have that benefit?

November is is chalked full of National Awareness for a variety of different causes. Below is a summary, find the one that is right for you!

  • American Diabetes Month
  • Aviation Month
  • Epilepsy Awareness Month
  • Good Nutrition Month
  • Hunger Awareness Month
  • Latin American Month
  • National AIDS Awareness Month
  • National American Indian Heritage
  • National American Indian Heritage Month
  • National Diabetes Awareness Month
  • National Epilepsy Month
  • National Georgia Pecan Month
  • National Long Term Care Awareness Month
  • National Novel Writing Month
  • National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month
  • National Pepper Month
  • National Raisin Bread Month
  • National Red Ribbon Month (anti-drunk driving)
  • National Stamp Collecting Month
  • Vegan Awareness Month
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