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Anti-PETA “Save the Apology” Ad


Anti-PETA “Save the Apology” Ad

MANIK_MAGAZINE_ANTI-PETA_AD_jpgSelina Weekes, founder of Manik Magazine along with others were outraged and appalled by PETA’s advertising campaigns that push for the ethical treatment of animals at the plus-size community’s expense. The PETA billboard August 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida suggests overweight people are synonymous with whales and should lose the “blubber.”
Rather than be a silent advocate for the oppressed, Manik Magazine is asking readers to get involved by posting their Anti-PETA ad as a default picture on their social networking sites for one week, starting November 16-21, to show solidarity for their interactive campaign to stand up against ostracism and ridicule from organizations that subliminally degrade fuller figures.

Others who spoke out against PETA’s ad:

The Curvy Fashionista

Plus Model Radio

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