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TRUE Diva: Lauren

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TRUE Diva: Lauren

truedivalaurenWhat Makes You A TRUE Diva?

The title of being a ‘True Diva’ is not something that is given to you… it is a title you give yourself…and for me, this was not an easy thing to do. The moment I considered myself a true diva, is the day I became true to myself. Unfortunately, took me 27 years to give myself this gift. In today’s society, self-acceptance is easier said than done. The media heavily clouds our vision on what real beauty is and I feel that as a society we do not have our priorities straight!
In the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of beauty is:

1. A combination of qualities such as shape, color or form that pleases the aesthetic senses.

2. A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.

Both definitions are legit descriptions of beauty, however, as a society we need to move definition number two, into position number 1.

I truly believe, when you are the best person you can be on the inside, it will shine through on outside.

In my eyes, a “true diva,” is any woman that accepts herself…..and is the best they can be on the inside and out.

I have not been given the title of “True Diva,” I have given it to myself, because I know, every day I wake up and I am the best woman I can be. I strive upward and I can only hope to help other women in society realize that the best gift you can give yourself is self-acceptance….because on a scale of one-10, I am a 12!

Life is short; don’t wait so long to give yourself this important gift.

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