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Style Vanguard, A Full Figured Focused Blog


Style Vanguard, A Full Figured Focused Blog

stylevanguardlogoNew, to the world wide web, Style Vanguard is a Full Figured Focused blog. They put the spotlight on all things stylish and forward on an international level. SV is devoted to bringing to the forefront the most up-to-date information on all things Full Figured and Fabulous coupled with Celebrity Gossip, Fashion and Beauty, all in one spot! They break the latest and greatest, 24/7.

Lola of recently attended, Unleash Your Magnificence & Marketing Workshop with Kimmoy Matthews,
“I’ve seen tremendous results thus far, I’ve met so many people working in the same industry, some I’ve never heard of and others I’ve always wanted to be in touch with. I look forward to all the networking and success coming my way I’m very excited about taking Style Vanguard to the next level”, stated Lola of Style Vanguard.

Below are 3 key points that Lola obtained from Kimmoy Matthews:

  • Stay true to yourself and tell your personal story … unleashing my magnificence and really setting myself apart from all the other blogs that are out there. I was really focused on being popular or how thinking that income only comes once popularity is there but I now know this is not true.
  • One way I can actually generate and income by making a tangible e product available to my customers while again setting myself apart
  • How to find and contact people to speak to, network with and/or interview i’ve had an overwhelming response to my ad on HARO it’s been amazing how many contacts i’ve made in such a short space of time.

Both of these women are extraordinary and we wish them nothing but the best!

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