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Diva Vs. Diva

divavsdivaSo she walks in the club, head held high, swagger at an all time high. She passes me, looks at me but says nothing. She is a fellow plus diva. Why does it have to be that way? It’s sad enough we have to compete with the smaller women but to compete with each other is just a crime.

She knows who I am; she’s a friend of my brothers. He introduced us once. She’s never spoken since. We’re not blood related, so maybe she sees me as a threat. My brother has tons of admirers, all different shapes, sizes, and colors. I am a threat, because if I don’t  give you a stamp of approval, your game is over. But other than that, I’m not your competition.

The sad thing about this chick is that she hangs with folks that won’t tell her, ‘honey, put on a bra.’ I’m sorry but for all that diva attitude her clothes would look a thousand times better with the proper undergarments. It’s not about being ashamed of your curves. But sleek lines and smooth curves  are pleasing to the eye. Sagging boobs are not cute, regardless of  how fly you think that halter dress is.

They talk about her at the bar, so sad.

In trying to understand the situation, I spoke to a mutual friend and it clicked. The mutual friend said, ‘ooooooooooo, you’re the one she talks about.’ Excuse me? Apparently she had been saying negative things about me, but this girl kept saying ‘not her’ because to her, I’m a sweetheart. The problem is she likes my brother for one and apparently I bumped her long ago and never said excuse me.

Wow are you serious?

So instead of being cordial and uniting like most of us plus divas do at the club, she continues to be rude, break into my conversations with my brother and others by grabbing and pulling on them. If I had known I bumped her, I would have said something, but then again it’s a club. I’ve been bumped many times before; you can tell when it’s on purpose.

Because I have all these extra curves, I go through the crowd with an ‘excuse me, pardon me’ on my lips because I know I’m going to bump somebody with something. She doesn’t have to like me, none of us have to like each other but we should at lest get along.

There is enough attention to go around.

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