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An Open Letter to Possibility

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An Open Letter to Possibility

possibilitiesWhen contemplating my future, I become genuinely excited about possibilities and taking risks. Still relatively young with no responsibilities, I have no children and am not married. All that has a hold over me are my circumstances, which prevent me from going as far as I would like to go. I lack the connections and family background to be one of those superstar kids who is on their way to running a company by the time they’re in their thirties. What I am going through can be described as a quarter-life crisis.

Looking around at former classmates, I want to compare myself, which is useless because not many are as bad off as I am. Somehow they made it through their early twenties without facing my struggles, succeeding where I have faltered. I long for examples of people who were not raised in families that supported their dreams, or who did not always believe in themselves and their natural talents.

Those are the thoughts of someone spiraling down a dark tunnel wherein they can only see the darkness of their own life. The truth is many people have it worse and many have it better. We perceive other people’s lives to be easy because our own lives seem so complicated. Everyone’s path to greatness is not as easy as it seems, however, people who are working hard do need the support of people willing to take a chance on them. There are so many people who, if given the opportunity to shine now that they have figured out where it is that they want to shine, would be a fantastic asset. However, if this: “To qualify for an internship applicants must be currently enrolled in a college degree program” continues to be the requirement for those getting started, many will simply give up at the weight of their responsibilities.

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