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Woman Conceives Two Babies…..They’re Not Twins


Woman Conceives Two Babies…..They’re Not Twins

babySuperfetation= Conceiving while pregnant

Until recently, I had no idea that superfetation even existed. It seems humanly impossible to conceive a child while pregnant. Once you’re pregnant, you’re in the clear. No birth control and no worrying about getting preggers… least for the next 9 months or so.
I’ve always thought that being pregnant protected you from getting pregnant. Most people will agree with that but not Todd and Julia Grovenburg.

During a recent ultrasound for their baby which is due at the end of 2009, the doctors noticed a heartbeat……a second heartbeat. After multiple tests and ultrasounds, their doctors came to the conclusion that Julia was pregnant with a second baby. What many thought was a twin eventually revealed itself to be a completely different baby from a completely different conception. Unlike twins which are two offsprings resulting from the same pregnancy, Julia’s babies were conceived separately resulting in two pregnancies.
Superfetation is so rare that there’s no written evidence of this happening before and it is more common in animals. One situation where this occurred was in Great Britain and the children turned out fine. Doctors aren’t too worried about this because the babies were conceived a little over two weeks apart. The worst possible scenario would be the youngest being delivered 2 1/2 weeks early.
Most people would probably freak out if this happened to them but I think I’d embrace getting two pregnancies for the price of one.

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