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The Reality to More to Love

Love and Intimacy

The Reality to More to Love

moretoloveBecause I couldn’t force myself to watch the actual show based on the overall opinion of the plus community, you may not think I have a basis to write on. However, as always I’m going off of my experiences as a plus woman and off snippets of the show that I’ve seen.

Question: Are there plus women out there that have never been on a date or had a boyfriend?

My answer: There shouldn’t be and if there are please get out of your self-imposed pity party and realize it’s not your weight holding you back from love. I’ve seen women larger, taller, and shorter than me with men, boyfriends, and/or husbands. I’ve seen women who in my opinion weren’t as cute as they thought they were with the same. Point is there truly is someone for everyone. Problem is, you. You are the one holding yourself back. Not saying that you have to completely dress up and become someone you’re not, but life calls for self inspection from time to time. Some of the men I’ve dated didn’t always date plus size women. What drew these men to me was my personality, my style, my confidence not my weight.

Are you negative all the time? Are you so insecure about your body image that you make it an issue when it’s not? I challenge any woman that’s never had a date or boyfriend and believes it’s their size to truly look at themselves and their attitude. Whether you lose weight or not, if you cannot love yourself then no one else can and until you learn how to you won’t be able to even once you lose the weight. Self esteem and self love are issues at all sizes; thin women go through these issues too. Confidence, style, attitude, personality, character, values, goals, ambition, drive – all the characteristics we look for in men, they’re looking for in us.

The reality of More to Love is that weight is not a reason why a plus woman have never had a date nor boyfriend, because the right man knows there is more to love than your curves.

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