Sagittarius Goddess

Sagittarius GoddessSAGITTARIUS: The Archer ~ November 23 to December 21

A woman born under this sign reflects the dual nature of half-man, half-horse. Her animal half gives her physical vitality, a love of Nature, and a passion for freedom and adventure. The most daring risk-taker of the Zodiac, her lucky star and adaptable, optimistic nature protect her in difficult circumstances.

A sociable, witty conversationalist with a gift for storytelling, she’s well suited for a career in writing, publishing, or communication. Generous of heart, she’s a passionate friend and lover, and devoted family member. She gives with no strings attached, and is rarely jealous.

Her human half is intellectually curious and powerful. She’s a lifelong learner and wisdom seeker, who hungers for spiritual as well as physical journeys. She loves to share her discoveries with others. In this image, the goddess confidently rides the back of the Centaur. Trusting her instincts and his sure-footedness, she rides into the unknown with an open heart.

Celebrate her vibrant union of body and spirit!

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