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Virgo Goddess

Virgo goddessVIRGO: The Virgin ~ August 23rd-September 23rd

Women born under this star have often been portrayed as precise, fastidious, lovers of cleanliness and order, reserved, and cool. We forget the ancients saw her differently!

Long ago, virginity was not equated with abstinence. Isis, the Egyptian Moon Goddess, Great Mother, and Virgin Goddess, was married and bore a son. She was worshipped as the healing, feminine source of Egypt’s abundance. Perpetually renewed, she was forever virgin. Inspiring erotic love, she generated fertility in animals and humans, and caused crops to grow. Demeter, the Greek goddess of harvest and abundance, and Ceres, her Roman counterpart, played similar roles. With the advent of patriarchal religion, Woman was tumbled from her ancient throne.

In this image, Virgo is shown as the Goddess of Abundance. Her border expresses her deep connections with the moon, harvest and fertility. It shows her natural progression from girl, to woman, to lover, to mother, and finally to Wise Woman sharing her secrets with a child.

Celebrate the abundance of her feminine spirit!

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