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Do Men Appreciate An Independent Woman

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Do Men Appreciate An Independent Woman

terrellowensI often watch the T.O. Show on VH1. If you’re not familiar, VH1 follows Terrell Owens as he gets his life on track after being let go by the Dallas Cowboys and heading to the Buffalo Bills. I really didn’t know if I would like the show when it originally aired but I must say that it manages to keep me entertained. Add his friends and Publicists Kita & Mo to the mix and you get that motherly and much needed female vibe.

On a recent episode of the show Terrell goes on a date with Jessica White, a Victoria’s Secret model and she is very adamant on paying for their bill. I don’t know why she insists but a number of reasons enter my head. She’s either a control freak who likes to take charge of the situations that she’s in or she wants it to be known that she is not after his money and can stand on her own two feet. My guess is option #2.

It was rather obvious that Terrell wasn’t completely cool with Jessica paying for the date and it got me thinking. Men say they want a woman that’s not a gold digger but when a woman tries to take care of him by paying for both of them, he can’t handle it. What exactly do you think a man responds to? The woman who needs the man for everything? The woman who can handle everything herself? Or, a combination of the two?

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