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Who’s Chasing Whom?

Love and Intimacy

Who’s Chasing Whom?

Girl Sees Boy…Boy Says Hi…Boy Is Taken…Girl Still Wants Boy

MatepoachIn a recent study conducted by social psychologists Melissa Burkley, Ph.D., and Jessica Parker, M.A. both from Oklahoma State University, the phenomenon known as “mate poaching” revealed some startling results. What is Mate Poaching you ask, In layman’s terms, it can be explained as romantically attracting someone who is already in a relationship.

 Mate poaching can be compared to a battle of wits. To impress the object of your affections, you have to outwit his/her partner, you have to make the better presentation, you have to market yourself in such a manner that the other person feels that not being with you is tantamount to missing out on the best thing in the world.

During the study men and women were asked to describe their ideal romantic partner. Surprisingly, single women were much more interested in pursuing a relationship with a committed man than with a single man.

The fact that some of our favorite romantic films have plots heavy with mate poaching, leaves me unsurprised of the results of this study. Should we really be surprised that so many women want a life that is similar to those lived by some of their favorite movie characters? I’m not saying male poaching is right or wrong but I’m curious, Why would a woman want someone else’s mate?

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