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How Will Your Appearance Save Your Brand?

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How Will Your Appearance Save Your Brand?

howwillyousavebrandYour clothes matter. Your shoes matter. Just about everything relating to your outward appearance matters because it is a representation of you; and, by being in the company’s employ, you are representing them. Don’t let your jeans be too tight and your color’s too bright. Do show your style, though. Don’t wait until you’re established in your career to dress the part. Dress for success is not just a tired, overused and under-applied cliché. Well…actually it is. It may be a cliché, but it is true. People want to apply the theory that advises against judging someone superficially, but fail to realize that stereotypes exist for a reason.

Dressing professionally is not solely about wearing a solid color or an earth tone suit. Your look should reflect a measure of your personal taste and style. Not only is it possible to remain trendy at work, it is necessary. While there are certain trends that are inappropriate, some can be incorporated into a professional wardrobe. Low-waisted jeans even on casual Friday are inappropriate, ladies. However, dark-wash, straight-leg trouser jeans with a clean, three-inch, closed-toe heel are fashionable and professional. Men, wearing the pants from your suit low on your hips is not a good look, either. Just because your shirt is tucked in does not mean it is professional. These details will add a distinguished quality to your wardrobe.

As a young professional it can be difficult to dress in a manner that suggests professionalism because professional clothes are expensive. If you are covering the costs of your wardrobe, you may be tempted to find a $5 shirt and a $20 pair of hip-hugging trousers to match your $10 ballet flats. Don’t do it. These clothes, while they may seem to be a good buy, will fall apart after repeated washings, costing you more money in the end. Invest in your wardrobe, and it will return the investment.

You may think, being judged based on your appearance is superficial, but it is a practice that will not disappear, nor should it in certain cases. Recognize the difference between an office party, a conference and an interview. Each occasion calls for different styles of dress.

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