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Couture With A Conscience


Couture With A Conscience


 shabbyappleConsidered as couture with a conscience, Shabby Apple’s owners, Athelia Woolley and Emily McCormick exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurial women on a mission. They desire to empower others through the way they run their business, design their clothing lines and partner with Unitus, Inc., an organization that provides women with breakthrough business strategies, technology and access to capital.

In keeping with their desire to empower women and promote positive messages of womanhood Shabby Apple does not use models from modeling agencies because they don’t believe that modeling agencies send the right messages to women. When asked what the fashion industry could do as a whole to promote womanhood the ladies remarked that “They can design clothing that accentuates curves instead of hide them” and “They can use models that are beautiful but that eat.”

The company is continuously coming up with new clothing lines including one for teenagers called Shabby Sister. The Shabby Sister line will launched August 2009 and contain fun and fabulous clothes that a young woman can feel good about wearing. On the subject of clothes, one would imagine that people in the fashion industry have glamorous wardrobes so it was curious to note that when asked what their “must have” wardrobe items were Athelia cited that she is partial to Dire Red sandals and Emily laughed and admitted that she adores her blue jeans and white t-shirts, a true departure from what you’d expect from someone in the fashion industry. But as one can already see by the way they chose to set up and run their company, these ladies are anything but ordinary. They are part of the many and often over-looked extraordinary women doing extraordinary things.

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