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Thick to Thin: When He Moves On

Love and Intimacy

Thick to Thin: When He Moves On

I Write this From Experience

endedrelationshipBeing a plus model doesn’t make you immune to heartbreak. The breakup of any relationship is hard to swallow, whether it was long term or just dating.  Especially if you’re like me; I love being in relationships, I love sharing my life and my world, and I love attention. So when a guy (no matter how serious I thought we weren’t) decides to move on, it annoys the heck out of me. If I decide to call it quits then I’m fine, but the other way around, isn’t cool.

We’ve all been through it.  But I think what we don’t share sometimes is how it feels when he moves on to a smaller woman.  I’m not talking about you’re a 24 and he starts seeing a size 20.  I’m talking about the guy who moves on to a size 8, 6, or 4.  It’s different.  Some plus women only date FA’s but I’ve always considered myself a Baskin Robins (all flavors, all kinds).  But that’s the risk of not dating just FA’s.  It makes you question his motives in being with you in the first place.  It can make the most secure feel insecure.  It makes you wonder if he really liked you and truly appreciated your size.  Were you just an experiment? 

Here are some things I remind myself when this happens: Thin does not mean instant happiness. If he didn’t appreciate who I am and my God given plush body then he isn’t the man for me. If you crossed that line of intimacy, he probably didn’t know what he was in for, so he had to downgrade. Don’t beat yourself up, don’t let your pity party last too long.

Your plan of action: Be the outgoing person you are, strut your diva style and keep your head high. You’ll run into him, trust me. And with that confidence oozing out of you, he’ll notice. I’ve had plenty of exes contact me and tell me how much a mistake they made, how good I look, and how great a catch I am. So when dingbat wants to downgrade from the luxury edition to the compact, let him. It will take you by surprise, but by no means let it bring you down. “The man worth crying over will never make you cry.”

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