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Are We Healthier Without Wheat?


Are We Healthier Without Wheat?

wheatbreadIs it safe to assume that most people consider wheat bread to be healthier than white bread?  Well, according to Dr. Stephen Wangen that may not be true. After a number of tests Dr. Wangen finds that many patients are diagnosed as having an allergic reaction to wheat, one that causes stomach pains, shortness of breath, and even headaches. He goes onto say that because so many people are not aware of this allergic reaction, they often go untreated.
Because wheat gluten is such a common ingredient in foods we eat every day – including bread, pizza, pasta and others – it’s affects can sometimes go undiagnosed by many people, who just chalk their symptoms up to stress, over-eating or general fatigue.


Don’t self-diagnose because of TV drug ads – Many pharmaceutical advertisements may describe symptoms similar to yours, but don’t be fooled by them and simply ask your doctor for the prescription du jour.


Change your philosophy on health – People’s default position should be one of being healthy. Too many people walk around suffering unhealthy symptoms, but don’t feel it’s important enough to seek a doctor’s care for them.


Wellness Visit – Too many people allow the “sicker-quicker” phenomenon to happen to them. Because of the poor economy, many people are working two jobs, and cannot afford to miss work to see their doctor for a wellness visit in order to seek answers to their minor symptoms.


Bottom Line: People need to read, research and discover for themselves the information they need to understand and appreciate all forms of wheat and gluten intolerance, as well as more conventional wheat and gluten allergies.


About Dr. Stephen Wangen
Dr. Stephen Wangen is a nationally recognized expert in the field of gluten intolerance, a gluten-intolerant physician and co-founder of the IBS Treatment Center .




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