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Curvy Girls RULE… Meet Mercedes and Frances


Curvy Girls RULE… Meet Mercedes and Frances

olga-apr09-article-1bMercedes and Frances at a close glance look like the best of friends and act like sisters. There is a bond there and they connect on a spiritual level. They shop the curvy stores together , hit the hottest clubs in L.A and vacation together. They cook for each other and have some tasty cook outs with their family.

When I met them I would never have thought the most common trait they have is a man named Sam. Sam is the ex of Frances they have children and shared a home for 8 years. Now Sam has been sharing his heart and life with Mercedes. For the children’s sake they promised each other to remain great friends. These three amazing individuals have to be admired and the children still have the best of both worlds, the love and care of ‘Mommy’, ‘daddy’ and now a sweet ‘step-mom’.

Mercedes side of the story:
This 29 year old Cuban curvy diva met Sam during a party in August of 2007. She knew he had children and was close to them and his ex. On December 22 they finally hooked- up and she knew he was going to be the one.

I met Francis in April of 2008 she was visiting Sam with the kids on a weekend that I was sleeping over. She seemed polite and didn’t give me any of that ‘Baby’s momma, drama’ that most women can do. I liked her right away.. In July she invited me over for the 4th to her home for a cook-out. I had such a good time.

Frances side of the story:
Frances is a beautiful Filippino 34 year old curvy lady. Sam and I were a couple for 8 years. I thought he was going to be the one but things sometimes just don’t work out. When it was over and done with we promised each other that we had to remain close friends for our children’s sake. I wanted him to find happiness with someone else and I wanted my kids to have a future good ‘step-mom’.

curvy-girls-rile-apr09-2My kids were coming home, excited and happy talking to me about Mercedes. Sam had dated some other women and none of them were good enough for my kids or even paid them any attention. Mercedes was different and my kids loved her. When I saw how happy my kids were with her I told myself I have to meet her and see what she is all about. I have been in a blessed and happy relationship with a wonderful man my age named Lamara.

Sam becomes ill and brings them together:
Sept. 2008 Sam who is diabetic ends up with an infection in his blood. It landed him two months in the hospital and he had to have two operations. Frances would go and stay with him from 7:00 am until 9:00 pm when Mercedes will come from work and then remain there for the rest of the night. His arm was infected and since the operation he couldn’t move or do anything for himself. These two amazing women bonded with respect and true friendship.

They both laughed and shared with me and confessed that if there was no ‘Sam’ they still would have become the best of friends.

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